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Total Document Solutions

Reduce costs and improve workflows

We see your information, your documents. We assess the processes you use to run your business - day to day, minute to minute - and find ways to make them more efficient, more cost-effective, and more secure.


Total Document Solutions approach is about identifying each customer's specific needs, then designing a customized solution, a unique combination of hardware, software and services that help your business run more productively.

Simplify Supplies

A wide range of efficient supplies management services - from automated procurement to fast help desk support. Our remote monitoring system constantly checks all your consumables and reorders depleted materials automatically before you run out.

With our proactive delivery service, you will always have the consumables when and where you need them. You avoid unnecessary stock-piling and save time, expense and trouble.

Reduce Stress

One point of contact provides you peace of mind. Whether it's new hardware or maintenance, we can arrange everything you need for any printer and multifunctional device - regardless of the brand.

You have only one contact person and one bill and this frees your IT managers from tedious administration, so they can use their core skills for more productive tasks. Reduce frustration and administration costs while increasing the productivity of your valuable IT staff.

Optimize Services

Once we've optimized your document environment, TDS provides continuous management to ensure that everything works together smoothly and effectively. We work proactively to ensure that performance stays at peak levels, carrying out constant cost control as well as remotely monitoring for any irregularities or maintenance requirements.Efficiency is maintained through regular reporting to you and continuous improvements to meet your changing needs.

Reduce Waste

Most companies don't consider all the necessary factors when trying to lower their output costs. This is why currently only 16% (IDC White Paper) of all companies use document solutions, even though 67% (Quocirca) put a high strategic priority on output. TDS not only minimizes waste, but also increases your productivity. Our dynamic, five-phase process gets your workflows running at their optimum - cutting costs and freeing up your IT staff so they can focus their efforts on more critical IT related tasks. Step-by-step, TDS discloses the weak points in your output environment, developing solutions and opening up savings potential. Our concept takes into account your unique technical, economic and organizational demands tailoring a program for your company.

Experience shows TDS can reduce overall document costs by up to 30%, as well as reducing environmental impact and increasing productivity.

Work Effectively

Most companies don't know how many document output devices they have or what they are used for, and it's hard to identify which processes are creating an expense. With no monitoring procedure in place, other important areas are also left uncontrolled - such as environmental impact or data security.OMECorp takes a holistic approach when determining hidden costs and possible savings, providing you with a detailed analysis of your current set-up, the efficiency of your processes and the resulting costs.By taking all the relevant expenses into account, OMECorp TDS is a unique and vital strategy for every company that wants to realize its full potential for cost reduction.The TDS Assessment identifies the inefficiencies in your document output environment - making cost saving opportunities clear.

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