Document Intelligence

Multi-Channel Document Automation Software


Simplify Your Communications With an Automated Solution

OMS-200 document output management software simplifies and automates document creation and elevates the security of customer communications. Barcodes or OMR marks are added easily to your documents through an intuitive interface to ensure your documents reach their intended recipients.


Browser-Based Intuitive Multi-Channel Communications Management Software

OMS-500 automatically collates information from various sources to send customers impactful communications, securely and cost-effectively: by email, physical mail, fax or through a web portal. Choose to run this powerful, yet easy to use solution entirely in the cloud or install locally and connect via web browser.

Quadient Inspire

Customer Communication Management (CCM) Solution

Deliver interactive, personalized messages through an enterprise communication platform. Inspire enables your business to deliver relevant personalized messages at the right time via your customer’s preferred channel.


Easily send your communications via email, fax or text in addition to our traditional mail services. All it takes is a few clicks. Send one, ten, or thousands of letters from your computer in minutes.

ConnectSuite e-Certify

Simplify the Preparation, Tracking and Storage of Your Certified Mail

If you need assurance and proof your important documents have been both delivered and received, without the hassle of preparing the mail pieces and storing the Return Receipt “green cards”, then ConnectSuite e-Certify is for you.

ConnectSuite e-Preference

Effectively Manage Your Multi-Channel Communications

Drive migration from traditional mail to secure email communication. A simple yet powerful cloud-based solution that helps companies manage customers’ preferences for traditional mail or digital communications.